Enjoy Freshly-Picked Produce, Local Flavors, and Handicrafts

At the Howland Farmers Market

The 2024 summer season opens Saturday, June 1st at Richard E. Orwig Park 8189 East Market Street in Howland Township. The market is held every Saturday, rain or shine, through October 12, 2024, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Meet up with your kind of people and make the freshest, most delicious purchases in town. Let your purchase speak for your values, and shop local and fresh at the Howland Farmers Market.

The Howland Farmers Market producers take great pride in the products they grow or make. Every loaf of kneaded bread or seed planted into the earth is done with intention and love. Our vendors find satisfaction in knowing their hard work and long hours are appreciated, and their products are enjoyed by people they know. That makes a trip to the farmers market an enriching one, not only for the producer but also for the customer. Knowing your veggies were harvested at the peak of freshness within about 30 miles of your kitchen table is gratifying. And it’s comforting to know your fresh farm eggs are traceable to a flock of hens that enjoy natural sunlight and rummaging in the grass for earthworms and insects. Large factory feedlots and mega-farms drive our commercialized food system. Visiting your local farmers market and supporting small independent businesses is one way to build resiliency in our food system and ensure that the wealth generated by the market circulates back through the local economy. Shop local and stay well this market season. We’ll see you at the market.

We Proudly honor SNAP, PRODUCE PERKS, WIC, and the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs.